Nicol - Brown Amateur Invitational

The Nicol-Brown Archive of
Champions and Judges

The Robert Nicol-Robert Brown Chalice
Piobaireachd Champions

  1. Nancy Crutcher: “Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay”
  2. Ian Beatty: “Black Donald’s March”
  3. Robert Minnear: “Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay”
  4. Kenneth Garson: “The Vaunting”
  5. June Potter: “The Park Piobaireachd” #2
  6. Joyce McIntosh: “The Old Men of the Shells”
  7. Daniel Whatley: “The Park Piobaireachd” #2
  8. Katy Rashid: “The MacDougalls’ Gathering”
  9. Daniel Kenny: “The Desperate Battle”
  10. Skip Cleavinger: “The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute”
  11. The contest was not held.
  12. Paula Glendinning: “The Desperate Battle”
  13. Andrew Hoag: “Beloved Scotland”
  14. Paula Glendinning: “The Desperate Battle”
  15. Ryan MacDonald: “Grain in Hides, Corn in Sacks”
  16. John MacPhee: “The Battle of the Pass of Crieff”
  17. Brian May: “The Prince’s Salute”
  18. Maureen Connor: “The Marquis of Argyll’s Salute”
  19. Erin McCarthy: “The Rout of Glenfruin”
  20. Erin McCarthy: “The Rout of Glenfruin”
  21. Jeremy Freeman: “The Old Men of the Shells”
  22. Lyric Todkill: “Lament for the Only Son”
  23. Eric Ouellette: “Scarce of Fishing”
  24. Colin Lee: “The Desperate Battle”
  25. Cameron Scott: “The Old Men of the Shells”
  26. Alastair Lee: “Melbank’s Salute”
  27. Johnny Bassett: “The MacGregors’ Salute”
  28. Anthony Masterson: “The Mackays’ Banner”
  29. Robert Durning: “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee”
  30. Joseph Stewart: “The Red Speckled Bull”
  31. Alexander Schiele: “The King’s Taxes”
  32. Andrew Mackay: “The Massacre of Glencoe”
  33. James Dyson: “MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart”
  34. Kevin McLean: “The Red Speckled Bull”
  35. Andrew Hutton: “MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute”
  36. Laureano Thomas-Sanchez: “Lament for the Earl of Antrim”
  37. Filemon Tan: “Lament for the Only Son”
  38. Blaise Theriault: “The Massacre of Glencoe”
  39. Stuart H. Marshall “The MacLeods’ Salute”
  40. Callum Bevan “Corrienessan’s Salute”
  41. The contest was not held.
  42. Colin Forrest “The Groat”

The William Ross Challenge Targe
March, Strathspey, and Reel Champions

  1. Alistair Wright
  2. Daniel Whatley
  3. Ken McKeveny
  4. Robert Boyd
  5. Alan Bevan
  6. The contest was not held.
  7. Paula Glendinning
  8. Jason Briscoe
  9. Michael Rogers
  10. Michael Rogers
  11. Steven Tripp
  12. Andrew Douglas
  13. Glenn Brown
  14. Glenn Brown
  15. Lionel Tupman
  16. Lionel Tupman
  17. Lyric Todkill
  18. Andrew Lewis
  19. Alex Gandy
  20. Micah Babinski
  21. Alastair Lee
  22. John Lee
  23. Anthony Masterson
  24. Glenn Walpole
  25. Ursa Beckford
  26. Alexander Schiele
  27. Liam Hilder
  28. Liam Hilder
  29. James Dyson
  30. Austin Diepenhorst
  31. Alistair Bevan
  32. Filemon Tan
  33. Joseph Horwath
  34. Henry Michael Paluch
  35. Henry Michael Paluch
  36. The contest was not held.
  37. Cameron Bonar

The Donald MacLeod Memorial Silver Buckle
6/8 March Champions

  1. P. Andrew L. Hayes
  2. Alan Bevan
  3. The contest was not held.
  4. James P. Troy
  5. Ryan MacDonald
  6. Paula Glendinning
  7. Ryan MacDonald
  8. Joss Fisher
  9. Andrew Douglas
  10. Glenn Brown
  11. Andrew J. Hayes
  12. Lionel Tupman
  13. Lionel Tupman
  14. Lyric Todkill
  15. Robert Beaton
  16. Colin Lee
  17. Kegan Sheehan
  18. Gordon Conn
  19. Johnny Bassett
  20. Richard Gillies
  21. Lee Cho-Lam (Chris Lee)
  22. Joseph Stewart
  23. Joseph Stewart
  24. Jack Williamson
  25. Tyler Bridge
  26. Tyler Bridge
  27. Andrew Hutton
  28. Alistair Bevan
  29. Alistair Bevan
  30. Alistair Bevan
  31. Henry Michael Paluch
  32. Stuart H. Marshall
  33. The contest was not held.
  34. Colin Forrest

Overall Nicol-Brown Champions

  1. Daniel Kenny (Hanover, Ontario)
  2. Alan Bevan (Abbotsford, British Columbia)
  3. The contest was not held.
  4. Paula Glendinning (Ashton, Maryland)
  5. Andrew Hoag (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  6. Paula Glendinning (Ashton, Maryland)
  7. Ryan MacDonald (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia)
  8. John MacPhee (Summerside, Prince Edward Island)
  9. Andrew Douglas (Syracuse, New York)
  10. Glenn Brown (Milton, Ontario)
  11. Glenn Brown (Milton, Ontario)
  12. Lionel Tupman (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
  13. Lionel Tupman (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario)
  14. Lyric Todkill (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
  15. Andrew Lewis (Syracuse, New York)
  16. Colin Lee (Surrey, British Columbia)
  17. Kegan Sheehan (Queensbury, New York)
  18. Alastair Lee (Coquitlam, British Columbia)
  19. Johnny Bassett (Canterbury, New Hampshire)
  20. Anthony Masterson (Houston, Texas)
  21. Bobby Durning (Haverhill, Massachusetts)
  22. Joseph Stewart (Seattle, Washington)
  23. Alexander Schiele (Snohomish, Washington)
  24. Andrew Mackay (Kitchener, Ontario)
  25. Liam Hilder (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia)
  26. Kevin McLean (Maple Ridge, British Columbia)
  27. Andrew Hutton (Brantford, Ontario)
  28. Alistair Bevan (Abbotsford, British Columbia)
  29. Filemon Tan (Bellaire, Texas)
  30. Blaise Theriault (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  31. Stuart H. Marshall (Stokesdale, North Carolina)
  32. Stuart H. Marshall (Greensboro, North Carolina)
  33. The contest was not held.
  34. Colin Forrest (Mission, British Columbia)

The Judges for the Nicol-Brown

  1. Ed Neigh
  2. James McGillivray
  3. Murray Henderson
  4. Donald F. Lindsay
  5. William Livingstone
  6. Amy Garson, Ed Krintz, and Chip Reardon
  7. Donald F. Lindsay
  8. Seumas MacNeill
  9. James McGillivray
  10. Colin MacLellan
  11. The contest was not held
  12. George Bell and Donald F. Lindsay
  13. Colin MacLellan and Donald F. Lindsay
  14. Bob Worrall
  15. Scott MacAulay and Donald F. Lindsay
  16. Donald F. Lindsay
  17. Jack Lee
  18. Michael Cusack
  19. Alasdair Gillies
  20. Michael Rogers
  21. Jack Taylor
  22. Bruce Gandy and Michael Rogers
  23. Stuart Liddell and Donald F. Lindsay
  24. Donald MacPhee
  25. John Wilson and Alasdair Gillies
  26. John Wilson and Nancy Tunnicliffe
  27. Nancy Tunnicliffe, Bobby Minnear and R. Iain MacDonald
  28. Murray Henderson, Amy Garson, and Andrew Douglas
  29. Angus MacColl
  30. Jack Taylor and Bruce Gandy
  31. Willie McCallum, Nancy Tunnicliffe, and Paula Glendinning
  32. Patrick Molard, Patrick Andrew L. Hayes, and June Hanley
  33. Patrick Andrew L. Hayes and Michael Rogers
  34. Callum Beaumont
  35. Willie McCallum and Nick Hudson
  36. Ian K. MacDonald, Andrew Lee, and Ben McClamrock
  37. Nancy Tunnicliffe and Eric Ouellette
  38. Callum Beaumont, Faye Henderson, and Matt MacIsaac
  39. Jack Taylor, Patrick Molard, Sarah Muir, and Matt MacIsaac
  40. Roddy MacLeod MBE, Bob Worrall, Jenny Hazzard, Nick Hudson
  41. The contest was not held.
  42. Jack Taylor and Nick Hudson